About us

Charity Worker Discounts is a discount service aimed towards you, the individual. Whether you are saving the planet, fighting for equal rights, helping animals, or supporting education, your selflessness is truly inspiring, and we want to celebrate you. 

We want to commemorate the work you have accomplished. That is why we connect you to the best deals and discounts possible. With our deals and discounts, you can save money when shopping at the brands you know and love. It is our small way of saying thank you. 

About Our Scheme

Charity Worker Discounts has over 20+ years of experience connecting you, our lovely members, to incredible deals and discounts at the biggest brands. Whether you are searching for discounts relating to tech, finance, travel, fashion, or beauty, we have it all.

We consistently work hard so we can connect you, our incredible members, to the best deals and discounts possible. It’s our small way of saying thank you for all of your hard work. You give at work, so we want you to win at life.

Why Join Charity Worker Discounts?

We're here for you to help you save money every day. From the essentials to the little treats, your money can go a bit further with our deals and discounts. 

What is the Charity Worker Discounts cashback card?

Alongside our incredible offers, we also offer a cashback card which can be used when shopping online and in-store. 

Just like a regular debit card, you can use the Charity Worker Discounts ode cashback card anywhere that accepts Visa®. The only difference is you can receive up to 16% cashback when shopping at partcipating retailers. 

Do you have more questions about our discounts? Why not head on over to our FAQ page where we answer some commonly asked questions.

How To Become A Partner

We are always looking to expand our partner relations, both new and old. We want our partnerships to last a lifetime, so our partners are of extreme importance to us.

As a partner, you will gain access to an extremely engaged audience within a controlled environment. We operate as a “closed user group” and we have over 1.8 million members. As a partner, there are no financial risks or costs. Plus, as a partner, we will craft bespoke experiences relating to you and your brand. In return, all we ask is that you offer an exclusive discount or deal to our lovely members. 

Contact us today at [email protected].