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Welcome to our Account & Login page. On this page, you will find our answers to the frequently asked questions we receive.

This information will help you with your account and logging in, but should you have any other concerns, please take a look at our full list of FAQs.

  • Is your profile not 100% complete? If so, then please do not worry! You can still access our fantastic deals without fully completing your profile. However, if you would like to complete your account setup,  all you have to do is head on over to your profile and provide the following information:
    - Name
    - Membership Type
    - Email Address
    - Insurance and utility renewal dates
    - Tell a Friend

    When you complete your account and provide us with personal information, it helps us understand our members better. It also allows us to consistently update and improve our service to ensure you receive the best deals possible!

  • Are you struggling to gain access to your account? Have you forgotten your email address? We are here to help! To reclaim your account after forgetting your email, you can try requesting a password reset email. 
    If you happen to have trouble with this, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected]. After sending us an email with your full name and information regarding the issue, we can search our system to try and verify your account.

    Once this step has been completed, we can help you update your email address. 

  • Forgetting your password is easily done. Thankfully, we are here to help you gain access to your account. If you have forgotten your password, then please follow these steps:


    1. Firstly, you need to click the ‘Sign In’ button and choose the ‘Forgot Password’ option.
    2. After clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ option, you will be asked to enter an email address linked to your member account. From here, you will be sent a password reset email with clear steps on how you can change your password.
    3. Sometimes, these emails can end up in your Junk/Spam, so make sure you check your Junk/Spam folder when searching for the password reset email.
    4. If you are struggling to change your password after following the steps provided, then please contact us detailing the issues you are having and your full name.


    Once you have provided information to validate your account, we can search for your account on our system, process your request, and help you change your password.

  • We are sorry to hear that you are having problems logging into your account. We are here to help.
    If you are having account issues, please send us an email to [email protected]. It would be best to send the email from the address you registered with, and please state your full name and the issue. From here, we can check the information you have provided matches with our system. We can then help resolve the issue. 

  • It’s sad to see you go! Our newsletter ensures you receive frequent updates about the hottest deals and offers currently available. By unsubscribing, you might miss out on big savings!
    Do you still want to unsubscribe? To opt-out of our newsletter, all you have to do is click the link at the bottom of any email you receive from us. You can also opt-out of our newsletter by heading over to your account.
    Are you still receiving emails from us after choosing to opt-out? Please reach out and contact our team so we can address this issue. 

  • We will miss you! Our goal is to provide our members with the best discounts so they can make great savings. By unsubscribing, you will no longer get access to these deals.
    Do you wish to continue and have your member data deleted? All you need to do is send an email containing your full name and request to our Data Protection Officer. You should send this email from the address you signed up with at [email protected].
    After sending this information, our Data Protection Officer can begin the process and check our systems to verify your information. They will locate your account and delete your data under GDPR. 

Still need help? Contact our Customer Service Team and we will get back to you ASAP.