Contiki UK Staycations - £50 off for Volunteer & Charity Workers

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Contiki UK Staycations - £50 off for Volunteer & Charity Workers


  • Our UK staycations have everything you need for an unforgettable adventure, while distant lands remain out of reach
  • From Edinburgh with its gothic charm to the wilds of Wales, our trips in the UK are packed with history and natural beauty - plus plenty of hiking, surfing and yoga to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul
  • Lock in your spot today for just £60
  • Contiki is a worldwide leader for adventure holidays and group travel for 18 - 35 year olds. They have put together a collection of more than 350 exciting trips, allowing you to explore Europe, Africa, the Middle East, USA, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Asia and New Zealand by booking a single package per person. It’s the easiest way to book an adventure holiday and everything can be included, from your meals to your transport between sites.
  • £50 off all trips excluding 3rd party trips or more when booking before 31/12/21 and departing before 31/12/22. Use KEYWORKER at the checkout to redeem your £50 off. Valid ID card required. Discounts apply to the land portion of your trip price only (this excludes taxes, included flight costs, extra accommodation & optional activities. Your trip price does not include the costs of international flights that start or end your trip). Combinable with loyalty discounts (‘Travelling Again’). Combinable with all discounts. Discounts are subject to availability & may be withdrawn at any point without notice

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