Groovie Comedy - 75% Volunteer & Charity Workers discount

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Groovie Comedy - 75% Volunteer & Charity Workers discount


  • The shows are ran weekly by the Groovie Comedy team who have so far delivered hundreds of shows across London and UK.
  • Each production is unique mix of talent and performance and will delight you.
  • Perfect start to your week.
  • We are a production company specialising in showcasing variety of talents: stand up comedy, musical, character, sketch & dance / musical theatre improvisation.
    We are dedicated to bring fun, engaging and memorable live experiences. Our varied backgrounds in performing arts and our relentless passion for making a positive mark on every individual we come across, makes us one of the friendliest productions.
    Each of our productions is unique with our variety of hosts and performing artists.
    Our raison d’être is to bring people together to enjoy their night out in London, and when touring, laugh and have fun together.
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