Jimmys Iced Coffee - 20% Volunteer & Charity Workers discount

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Jimmys Iced Coffee - 20% Volunteer & Charity Workers discount


  • Refreshing, ready-to-drink Iced Coffee
  • Save 20% on all orders with exclusive discount code
  • Choose from Original, Mocha, Oat & Extra shot
  • Free delivery to your home or business
  • Welcome to Jimmy’s. We make refreshing, ready-to-drink Iced Coffee and more available in great fridges across the UK and beyond. We offer a wide range of products for all Coffee enthusiasts, with a special emphasis on sustainable packaging and single-origin, Rainforest Alliance Coffee. Looking for something different to drink? Try Jimmy’s smooth Original, Mocha or Oat Iced Coffees for the perfect 3pm pick-me-up. All available with free delivery direct to your home or business. Eleven years on and the family duo are still running Jimmy’s Iced Coffee with the same ethos they started with; an authentic, fun, passionate brand that makes refreshing ready-to-drink Iced Coffee, whilst always aiming to be better for the people and the planet. We believe in giving back to those who work hard and go the extra mile which is why we have partnered up to give you a 20% off discount. Treat yourself with an Ice-cold refreshment. You deserve it!
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