Trustedhousesitters - 20% off membership for Volunteer & Charity Workers

Fancy free holiday stays & 20% off your sitter membership
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Trustedhousesitters - 20% off membership for Volunteer & Charity Workers


  • 20% off a TrustedHousesitters sitter membership! Enjoy your next holiday while paying nothing for accommodation. Make fluffy friends along the way and save money at the most expensive times
  • TrustedHousesitters help bring together pet parents looking for quality care for their furry family members, and sitters seeking adventure
  • At TrustedHousesitters, top-notch pet care and opening the doors to unique travel experiences are always at the top of the list. Uniting thousands of pet parents with loving sitters since 2010, furry family members can stay happy in the comfort of home - not a kennel or cattery in sight.

    With a TrustedHousesitters membership, sitters looking for new ways to travel can combine their wanderlust and love for pets by house sitting unique homes in new locations in exchange for the company of new fluffy friends.

    And nope, it’s not too good to be true. Pet parents can holiday with peace of mind while their furry family members are being cuddled, snuggled, and ruffled by verified sitters who get to tread new paths for free. Everybody wins.
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