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Vrbo - Rentals from only £57pn


  • Peace of mind: Our Book with Confidence: Guarantee gives you 24/7 support
  • More quality time: From booking to staying, the whole process is simple and enjoyable
  • All the privacy of home: Enjoy full kitchens, pools, gardens and more
  • More for less: More space, more privacy, more amenities — more value
  • Connecting millions of homeowners and holiday-goers, Vrbo is a holiday rentals community that offers guests different options beyond a standard hotel. Boasting property owners all over the world, Vrbo has a vast network of bookable properties, found along beaches, in the countryside or in cities, so you can find your ideal holiday rental in your dream destination. All it takes to get started is a quick property rental search for your destination on Vrbo, which gives you a list of available holiday homes in a range of categories including cottages, villas, ski chalets and holiday apartments. Once you find your perfect fit, you can securely book your holiday rental to get started with your holiday planning.
  • Price based on average price per night for 2 people in Lake District. This offer is a Sale Only Offer which means this offer and/or discount is available from a Merchant and is likewise also made available to the general public. You will not receive an additional saving. Standard site terms and conditions apply.

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