Whirli Kids Toy Box - Get 50% off half-yearly subscription

A never-ending supply of toys from the world’s top brands - no clutter, no waste, just fun

Whirli Kids Toy Box - Get 50% off half-yearly subscription


  • Whirli is a toy swap subscription service dedicated to minimising toy clutter, reducing landfill waste and providing an economically-friendly approach to children’s playtime. At minimal cost and effort, we provide maximum fun.
  • Simply choose from over 1,000 toys from the most popular brands, keep them for as long as they're being loved at home & when the kids are done, just send them back and swap for something else! The child has fallen in love with a toy? No problem, any toy you keep for 8 months is yours to keep forever!


Why Whirli?

1. Fully customisable boxes to suit the needs of your child

2. Zero waste and landfill pollution

3. Eliminate toy clutter in your child’s playroom

4. Save money by swapping instead of shopping for toys

  • The offer is available only to new customers. The code is only valid on a half-yearly Toy Box subscription plan. Standard site terms and conditions apply.

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