Profiling Opt Out Page

The effects of opting out of profiling

You have reached this page by indicating you want to opt out of profiling. We would like to explain what effect this will have on your ability to use the site.

Opting out will greatly reduce your web site experience and you may not be able to access offers associated with your membership

You will cease to receive emails from us as they form part of profiling – we track the links you click through, so we can offer a better and more relevant service to you. We cannot do this any longer once you opt out.

How we use Profiling

It enables us to give you the best website user experience which can involve using a low level of personal data for profiling activities so that we can send you tailored discounts and offers (to meet your own interests) but we also use anonymised data. This means we are minimising the data we require to serve you with the best deals and offers.

To Opt Out please complete the form below and we will be in touch to advise you when your Profiling Opt Out Process is complete. This will usually take 4 working days.

This data will only be used to deal with your request to opt out and for no other purpose. Please click here to view our Privacy Policy 


Any questions?

Contact us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.